Wednesday, 29 February 2012

''Mac Red'' and 17 ''Pink Ice''

HEY FOLKS! THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT LIPS! I havn't got much red lipstick, I'm quite scared of it frankly. However I think it's one of those things you can actually layer with glosses and make a bit more subtle, so I went and purchased Mac Red, a favourtie with blondes like me apparently ;) One of my faaaavourite lipglosses which I've been obsessed with over the years is Boots 17 lipgloss in ''Pink Ice''. My boyfriend used to tell me off for carrying it around the house with me all the time haha. It's a beautiful pale pink with blue undertones (check me out, getting all technical!) and I just love it. The following swatches are a bit rubbish because they were taken in the evening under crappy lights but it gives you the idea.

Excuse my HIDEOUS teeth, they're wonky because I was naughty and slacked with my retainer after having braces, quite shameful really. Worth mentioning that in certain lights this lipstick actually comes up slightly pinkish, but in a good way.

The gorgeous 'Pink Ice', looks quite like a few of the Mac liglasses, of which I will do a review on when they arrive through my door soon hehe.

And finally the two swatched together, this photo does them absolutely NO justice but take my word, they look beaut together.

I'd love to hear what red lipsticks work for you, I'm yet to find one that I feel 100% in love with, but there's always another day and another lipstick ;) ...

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