Sunday, 22 April 2012


IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE we're having much of a summer in the UK so what better way to bring a bit of sun into your life than to play around with summer makeup?! I bought a single eyeshadow from The Body Shop with a voucher I had, there's no name for the colour but it's the lovely bronze one. I applied it with a damp brush because it brings out the colour that bit more whilst adding a metallic shine.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


THIS POST IS SO BELATED AS I VISITED Cornwall over the Easter weekend which was 10 days ago but never mind! In January my dad began renovating an old run down cottage, which sits right in the sand dunes of a little beach. My boyfriend and I went to see the finished article and stayed the night. It's going to be used as my dad and his girlfriend's little getaway for when Devon gets tough, and it looks really gorgeous now.

We managed to scoff our way through a stash of easter eggs as well as sampling delicious treats Cornwall had to offer. My dad looks after our amazing dog, Fugly, and I adore seeing him whenever I visit my dad. I live with my boyfriend so it's not everyday I see Fugly face.

I've included a few little snaps from the short time we were there, to give you more insight...

 The dude himself


JUST A QUICKIE TO SHOW YOU a lovely eyeshadow by mineral makeup giants, Bare Escentuals. I have quite a few of their eyeshadows now thanks to one of my friends giving me a gorgeous selection at Christmas and the one I'm showing you today is a wonderful shimmery gold shade. It can be used all over the lid if you're daring enough to go down that route, however I normally use it on the inner corner of my eye for a subtle, sexy flash of gold. It's a really easy way of bringing a touch of golden goddess into your makeup routine without going OTT. Of course it brightens up the eye area too.

Friday, 13 April 2012


I'VE NEVER DONE AN OUTFIT POST before, mainly because I don't consider myself to be a fashion blogger and seeing some girl's blogs and how amazing their style is, my OOTD's wont stand a chance! However I'd like to dip my toes in now and again because I'm excited summer is here and that means being able to enjoy wearing summery things and not hide under five layers of clothing!

I met my friend for a coffee in the afternoon and went extrememly casual in some shorts and a jumper. I turned up to see her working leopard print leggings like a boss, with a funky top just owning everyone in Costsa. I wish I'd taken a picture of her outfit for you because it was a bit more interesting haha.


I RECENTLY BOUGHT BOTH THE moisture serum and the moisture cream in the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop and I've been using them for long enough now to write a full review for you. Before using these products I generally used random creams that were knocking about, nothing in specific. My skin sometimes felt quite tight after cleansing before I'd moisturized it. I'd not really paid much attention to a moisturizing routine though, I did it when I felt like it (not often enough apparently). ANYWAY I love these products, the serum is basically an extra form of deep mouisturisation which ovbiously you apply before the moisturizer. The lady in the shop told me to wait a good 30 seconds before applying the cream. I always add the cream to my morning routine but most nights before bed I leave it at just the serum because it's enough to keep my skin hydrated through the night without a product overload.
In terms of serums, I've usually understood them to have purposes like lightening dark pigmentationor reducing acne scarring etc, let me stress this cream does not claim to do any of those things - it's purely a deep moisturizer.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


LET ME BEGIN BY WARNING YOU this post contains rants...if you're in a foul mood then this will only add to the intensity of it so I reccomend coming back later!

I promised to write reviews on each of the different skin product samples I picked up in Plymouth
a few weeks ago and today was Too Faced BB cream's time to shine. And that it did. In fact it shone so much I ended up looking like an angry lesbian oiled up within an inch of my life, about to take someone out in a wrestling ring. FIT.
Lets rewind to where it all started. BB creams started emerging into the beauty world a few months ago, lead by skincare giant Garnier. Suddenly every brand decided they needed a BB cream and rolled their own one out in no time. I'm pretty sure the folks up in the Too Faced head office had a conversation which went something like this:

''Oh crap! Everyone has a BB cream out apart from us. You have 15 minutes to make one, starting    now''.

*15 minutes later*

''Here you go. We found some glue, vasteline and paint, then we mixed them all together. The pretty packaging will disguise the fact it belongs in hell''.

Friday, 6 April 2012


I'M A BIT LATE ON THE BALL seeing as this came out much earlier in the year. I did try a sample at the time but wasn't blogging so I picked myself up another one to try out for you.
The colour I match up to is B20, which is a light shade with a golden undertone. This product has had mixed reviews as far as I'm aware, with some claiming it turns a lot darker once it has oxidized on the skin. Personally I havn't experienced this
(and I've tried it enough to know). Another problem people have been having is that they've found it quite drying. Again, it's not the most moisture packed of foundations but it's nothing a good layer of moisturizer underneath wont sort out.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


THIS IS AN UNUSUAL BLOG POST I KNOW, not the usual type anyway! I just wanted to share the panty love and tell everybody that New Look has some really cute ones at the moment. I couldn't help noticing these as I walked past them on my way to the shoe section (very strategically placed as they know everybody goes straight to the shoes in New Look!).

Monday, 2 April 2012


WE ALL HAVE ONE...and no I'm not talking about the list of celebs you that you ''would'', calm down ladies ;) This is my latest shopping lust list (well, about a third of it ahem). Maybe you'll discover something new to add to yours?

Starting with beauty:

Mac Pro Palette with 15 spaces £11.50. I really should have bought this when I got my eyeshadows because it's so sleek and I love the fact you can put all of the shades together and travel with it etc.
 Shu Uemura eyelash curler £20. Ok so who hasn't been bombarded with amazing comments about this eyelash curler? It's everywhere. The only reason I havn't got one is because £20 for what is essentially a slither of metal is simply ridonculous. I am intruiged by the hype though...

Sunday, 1 April 2012


This is just a short review of a product I bought last weekend. I've used it a few times now and it's really quite delightful! This facemask has the job of brightening and pepping up dull skin. It's not particularly meant to deep cleanse or anything fancy, it's more of a ''hangover face mask'' I feel.

LIKE ALL LUSH FACE MASKS, it's packed with chunks of ''stuff''. In this case I think it's some sort of herb?! My boyfriend saw me and said ''oh someone's chundered on your face!''......niiice.

Why the stupid faces whenever there's a facemask knocking around? I'm guilty too apparently!
My only problem with this is that it's really hard to colour co-ordinate it with my dressing gowns. Like seriously what do you wear with a puke green? I hate when my facemask doesn't match my clothes. After trying it with all my different lounge clothes I finally felt able to go downstairs and face everybody. I decided on my red dressing gown as I felt it complimented the face mask best.
What I did descover was multi coloured ones with this is a big no no.


I DON'T KNOW WHETHER ANY OF YOU have had something that might not be wrong with your appearance, but you literally fixate on? For me there's usually something going on, like last year when I got back from a holiday in Cyprus, I was absolutely convinced I had suddenly aquired lines under my eyes and I wouldn't stop obsessing over it. I thought it was from sun damage on holiday even though I lathered myself in sun cream. I bought an eye cream and never thought about it again as it seemed to just go away...(it was completely psychological, I'm sure of it).
My point is that we're always trying to ''fix'' something and it's unhealthy and all that, I know, bla bla bla BUT there is one thing I've been thinking about for a while which concerns my eyebrows - they are just too dark for my hair!! This fixation I have been able to somewhat sort out with a little help from 'Jolen Cream Bleach'. It's meant for lightening excess dark facial hair, including eyebrows.