Sunday, 26 August 2012


HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Firstly I do apologise for the lack of blogging, as I mentioned last week I was going to be in London for a while and when I got back everything went crazy with the whole education thing and what to do, where to go etc. Howsit hanging for everyone?!
London was really fun and I loved spending some quality time with my dad. We went to some museums and visited old friends and family. Not a lot of shopping took place because it wasn't that kind of trip buuut I did get a few little goodies to review for you lovely ladies. Photo time!

Top: All Saints
Skirt: H&M (£7!!! Can't get over it)

 Makeup done using my new Guerlain bronzer which I picked up in Harrods. Review to follow.

 London's newest big building, the ''Shard''.

 Damien Hirst taking the piss basically...

 ...before he decides to showcase some actual talent with this ''stained glass window'' made from butterfly wings. Pretty amazing.

My dad fell in love with the chandelier in the V&A :)

 Stupid unpractical, over priced hat in the V&A gift shop.


 We ended up going for an 11pm frozen yoghurt binge numerous times :)

 Definitely didn't go crazy when I saw this just down the street from our place...

The delights we ate in ''Wholefoods'', one of the best places on earth...

 This was in a photography exhibition, made me giggle :)

New woolly jumper from Zara. Love this thing so much!

So that does it for now folks. I will be back to regular posting because I've missed blogging so much! I am also planning on taking my blog in an exciting new direction and have lots of beauty/fashion/lifestyle ideas lined up. I am thinking of doing a few fitness posts a get fit with me kind of thing with twice weekly diet/fitness updates. It will definitely motivate me to lose some weight! Haha! Lots of love xxx

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  1. That shot of tower bridge is breath taking!! love it and that skirt! h&m has the best bargains its unreal! :D xx