Thursday, 6 September 2012


EASY LIKE THURSDAY MORNING for me! I have the day off and I'm loving lounging around in my own filth eating cereal and watching my beloved recordings of Britain's Next Top Model. It puts me to shame when I watch them floating around in their lovely dresses whilst I'm fusing with the sofa in my PJ's. LOVE. IT.

Yesterday I bough a dress from's called the Bo Tee Dress and for some reason I can't see it on the website at the moment but the top version is HERE. The dress retails for £60 and comes in a range of colours. All Saints is going mad for mesh this season (I already have this and this which both feature mesh, why am I getting more?!) and it has triggered an apparent love for mesh which I never knew I had. I usually associate mesh with prostitutes and gay bars but All Saints has done a really good job of introducing mesh in a less scary, ''I'm not catching fish with this'' kind of way.

I'm a pasty bitch at the moment. The mesh runs midway down the back which would look amazing if you were going bra-less. The shoes are from River Island in the last sale so I'm not sure whether they're still available but I think they work well with the dress and some jewellery to dress it up a bit, otherwise some ankle boots and a nice piece of knitwear would be a great casual way of wearing this dress.

Anyone else liking mesh this season?

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